Gold is Money – Diversify by owning Gold

As countries create more currency it becomes worth less each passing day.  Currently the USA alone is $20 trillion in debt with over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and the banks are on the hook for over $590 trillion in derivatives.

Gold has been a store of value for thousands of years and so it would be wise to diversify by owning some real money which is gold.

But going to a gold dealer can be overwhelming and expensive.

Now there are new ways to buy and own gold thanks to the Internet.


debitcardThe easiest and least expensive way to own gold is to open a free Goldmoney account.

With Goldmoney you are buying gold at spot price with a very low deposit and redemption fee of only ½%.  You can buy using your credit card which makes it very convenient and easy.

Your physical gold is stored in a Brinks secure vault of your choice.

Then get your free debit card sent to you so when you want to redeem some you can spend it using your debit card or get physical gold and silver delivered to you at any time.

If you open your account today you can get up to .5 grams free with your first deposit.

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About Goldmoney Inc.

Goldmoney Inc. (TSX: XAU) is a mission-driven financial technology company that operates the world’s largest 100%-reserved gold-based savings and payments network. Goldmoney(R) provides financial services as a trusted third-party, combining the unique attributes of gold with technology-driven innovation. Through the Goldmoney Network, comprised of Goldmoney Personal and Goldmoney Business, anyone with internet access can buy, sell, transfer, earn, or redeem physical allocated gold. Goldmoney Wealth offers bespoke precious metals custody and wealth services, trading and execution, card services, tax-free retirement accounts and independent research to high net worth individual investors and institutions. Goldmoney Inc. has more than 1.3 million user signups from more than 150 countries and $1.8 billion in client assets (as at November 28, 2016). Goldmoney Network is registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Goldmoney Wealth is regulated as a Money Services Business by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

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