Open your Goldmoney account today and get 5% first deposit bonus gold up to .5 gram for FREE!

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Open your Goldmoney account today and get 5% first deposit bonus gold up to .5 gram for FREE!

With your personal Goldmoney account you also can earn free gold by referring others!

FAQ and Information

The Goldmoney Prepaid Mastercard is currently unavailable in the following countries:

Even though most people around the world can open an account and save gold and cash out using a bank account the following countries can’t get a Prepaid Mastercard:

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Central African Republic, Cuba, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nigeria, North Korea, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe.  The Goldmoney Prepaid Mastercard is also unavailable in the state of Georgia, USA.

You can fund your account using:

Bank Wire Transfer (Available Internationally)
ACH Bank Transfer (US Residents Only)
EFT Bank Transfer (Canadian Bank Accounts)
Credit/Debit Card (Available Internationally)
PayPal (European Residents Only)
Cryptocurrency (Available Internationally)
Interac (Canadian Bank Accounts)
China UnionPay (eligible CUP cardholders)

The following US Banks able to be linked to your Goldmoney Personal & Business account for direct ACH bank transfers:

Ally, Bank of America, BB&T Bank, Capital One 360, Charles Schwab, Chase, CitiBank, Fidelity, First Tennessee, PNC, Regions Alabama, Regions Arkansas, Regions Florida, Regions Georgia, Regions Illinois, Regions Indiana, Regions Iowa, Regions Kentucky,Regions Louisiana, Regions Mississippi, Regions Missouri, Regions North Carolina, Regions South Carolina, Regions Texas, Regions Virgina, SunTrust, TD Bank, US Bank, USAA, Wells Fargo.

Send and Receive Payments feature in the USA is currently available to those in:

When you send a gold transfer with Goldmoney Personal and Business, you are transferring the ownership of your gold to the recipient. Gold is free to send, and you can say goodbye to cross border fees!

The Send Gold feature is available to those around the world and all US states except for Vermont.

Gift of Gold

Verified Goldmoney Personal and Business users in the US and around the globe may send the Gift of Gold to friends using the golden gift icon located at the top of your Dashboard.

Gold Money vault locationsYou select your vault location around the world:

With Goldmoney you select where your gold is stored around the world. These are Brinks secured and the only vault with a restriction is Dubai where you can’t fund your prepaid card from there due to it being used to fund Bitcoin.

Bitcoin users are able to utilize the Bitcoin in their online wallets to make a purchase of gold and contribute to their gold savings! Purchases made using Bitcoin can be redeemed using a bank wire transfer to a linked bank account! Please note that purchases made using Bitcoin cannot be redeemed to your Goldmoney Prepaid MasterCard. BTC deposits are only made to the Dubai Vault.

Safety of Your Gold:

Goldmoney Corporate By-Laws require the company to secure all physical gold at LBMA or COMEX approved Vaults under fully allocated, segregated accounts for the benefit of customers. Currently, Goldmoney Personal & Business has partnered with The Brink’s Company (“”BRINKS””) one of the most trusted names in vault security with roots tracing back to 1859.

Goldmoney Corporate By-Laws also require that we maintain adequate insurance coverage on all vaulted gold for the benefit of customers. Currently, this insurance is through The Brink’s Company (“BRINKS”).

As a publicly traded company, Goldmoney quarterly audits are done by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (one of the largest auditing firms in the world). It is part of our mission to ensure all Goldmoney Personal & Business users feel empowered, not only by gold and what it has to offer, but by information as well. Goldmoney wants you to sleep soundly, assured that your gold is secure.

What happens if Goldmoney Personal & Business goes out of business?

Since you retain legal title to your gold, if, due to unforeseen circumstances, Goldmoney Personal & Business were to become insolvent or bankrupt, the insolvency or bankruptcy of Goldmoney Personal & Business would not affect your property rights with regard to your gold in a Goldmoney Personal & Business account. Every metric gram, kilogram, or tonne of gold that a customer has acquired through the Goldmoney Personal & Business platform is owned and allocated to the customer once transactions have settled. The Goldmoney Personal & Business Customer Agreement and Terms of Service state that all customer assets are held by Goldmoney Personal & Business as bailee for the benefit of customers. Goldmoney is not a deposit taking institution and does not operate like a bank, where a depositor takes risk on the banks loans and operating business. At Goldmoney Personal & Business all gold purchases are physically settled and gold is then titled to the customer, never to Goldmoney Personal & Business or its creditors. Although the user may experience a slight delay to receive their gold in the event of a Goldmoney Personal & Business liquidation, it will always be paid in full as a liquidator cannot legally consider your gold as an asset of the company.

If for any reason Goldmoney Personal & Business stops operating, you will receive your precious metals balance in physical gold or the equivalent value of your metal in one of the currencies we support. Our gold is segregated, held on a one to one ratio and is fully reserved. Records of ownership are maintained both digitally and physically. Payment to you is assured by a court appointed administrator who would complete the winding-up process.

How can I have my gold sent to me?

You can redeem/exchange your gold in your vault and have sent to you as in the following:




July 23, 2016 – GoldMoney and BitGold have become simply Goldmoney.

July 8, 2016 – Goldmoney Announced the Acquisition of Schiff Gold and forms consultant agreement with Renowned Gold Investor Peter Schiff.

Open your Goldmoney account today and get 5% first deposit bonus gold up to .5 gram for FREE!

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